Our story is a complicated one. I will be updating this page shortly with more details, but for now I can tell you this:

In our house we deal with the following situations:

Mr 9 is autistic (he prefers his old diagnosis of Asperger’s syndome) and has albinism. He is visually impaired and has non-coeliac gluten sensitivity (NCGS).

Mr 5 has sensory issues that are causing him extreme anxiety. We are currently in the throes of diagnosis hoping that a label (or 2) will help us find strategies that will help him. He is also a coeliac.

My anxiety disorder has worsened as my health has worsened. I have CREST syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and complicated dietary requirements.

My husband runs our family business, working long hours and facing high levels of stress.

This picture presents many challenges, but it isn’t the whole picture. Our boys are highly intelligent, sensitive, caring stars in our lives. We love doing activities together, and we take every opportunity to develop new passions and skills as a family. We love learning. Our Christian faith is at the very centre of our family values. We look after each other and have a  close circle of family and friends whom we love. The village is not just raising our children, but nurturing our whole family :).

Check in regularly as I decide which parts of our story to share………

My goal in writing here is to share the information that changes our lives, as I learn it. I hope that you will find something that helps you too!

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